UPDATE : 2021.8.07

2021 new comer “wind” . 85405911 wind 29:demi/smoke . Thin frame and temple smoke pale color reduc […]

getting your smoke

UPDATE : 2021.7.22

smoke in the brightness lens color gets smoke from clear it’s our new functionable lenz “photocrom […]

photocromic lens

UPDATE : 2021.6.06

in phatee i wear ‘s this year’s line up world famous photocromic lens has arrived in shop now . ↓ […]

lighter or heavyer

UPDATE : 2021.6.01

. pleasanted by Phatee best hemp tee ever is light weight fabric tee . 20470511  hemp tee light weight . for  […]

2021 sun glasses

UPDATE : 2021.5.15

. new style new color of sunglasses releasing already . 85405911  wind narrow frame and temples and softy colo […]

head great for phat locks

UPDATE : 2021.5.04

our proud head gear for long hair or phat locks additional new color on this line 14900191 new cap . very long […]

2021 caps & hats

UPDATE : 2021.4.23

releasing new 2021 caps and hats of phatee head gear . 14100193 DADDY CAP it’s low cap but also large si […]

Earthday Tokyo 2021

UPDATE : 2021.4.15

from 17th of April to 18th of April we open the shopping booth at Yoyogi park @Shibuya, Tokyo earthday tokyo 2 […]

hemp sweat items

UPDATE : 2021.4.04

original sweat fabric: west end made it’s stress free items . . AFTER HOURS HEMP SWEAT  an iphone or sun […]

half cap and bucket hat on 2021

UPDATE : 2021.3.18

phatee’s long-saler half cap and bucket hat are in our shop now . 14100111 half cap . size and shape are […]

one step beyond sale

UPDATE : 2021.1.21

new year has came! but it ‘s a depressed day…. Anyway do not worry about it Phatee starts super sa […]

a happy new year 2021

UPDATE : 2020.12.30

2020 has ended new year 2021 20 years from phatee started very exciting 2021

get lucky for new year

UPDATE : 2020.12.19

2020 ends soon it’s time to get lucky! . FUKUBUKURO PACK some categories are available size separated fi […]

corduroy version

UPDATE : 2020.12.15

sweat pants with cotton corduroy in store now . 12300702 sweat pants cord .   classic silhouette . smooth […]

sweat pants hemp2020

UPDATE : 2020.12.14

classical silhouette made by westend sweat fabric restocking “sweat pants hemp2020” . 12300602 swe […]

boa fleece tote bag

UPDATE : 2020.12.01

Just hanging it you feel warm soon it’s phatee’s tote bag . made by phatee original recycled-polye […]

organic saion

UPDATE : 2020.11.27

Phatee’s authorized dealer:Saion has renew the online shopping site It’s not only phatee items but […]

earth garden Aki

UPDATE : 2020.10.28

We open the shopping booth at Earth garden outdoor festival location is center of festival place :No.6 booth y […]

youtube archives

UPDATE : 2020.10.22

have you seen the streaming talk live show on twitch? the_phatman_voice not yet? if you lost you can watch it […]

westend sweat items

UPDATE : 2020.10.10

the best material of keeping warm that phatee provides “westend fleece” we have made great relax w […]