One of our recommendation is that we use it again


We use ours many times as it is,

Maybe replace it with something or repair it

No need to say any reason

Just use it again




Is it reasonable to do “recycle” as if it makes the burden of the environment as same as you burn it,?

Yes, it’s reasonable

Because no need new materials

 If we use it tomorrow what we have used today

 The life of the earth extends by one day?

What a big fun to think about!


A wide variety of things that can be recycled are plastic, wool, iron, paper, water, food. Phatee fabrics are also used by plastic.

Delightfully it is comfortable to wear, quality, pride is high, there are no problems.




But there are places to be worried about that we do use energy and water to do recycle. you can not make recycled material unless you use it.

So, is the environmental impact the same for recycling and new ones?

Even if it is said, we can reduce making new!

Let’s just say that we’re hardcore recycle tribes!