A natural material that is still unfamiliar to the world is “hemp”.

Even if it is said hemp Tee or Hemp seed, a lot of people want to know,

What is material “hemp” phatee uses with a high future rate?

If you don’t know this well

It’s better not to dabble in hemp.




Hemp grows naturally everywhere in the world.

like weeds(plants belonging to ASA family) have such a strong vitality.

Cultivation is easy as agriculture, no pesticides, no fertilizer,

And it’s a super plant that can also be used for regenerative farming methods that energize the soil.

It is also true that there are kinds of unwanted ingredients in plants commonly called thc.

Must be careful, depending on the law, you will go in the direction you do not want.

However, don’t worry about that,

because hemp that can be made into a T-shirt is a kind of industrial hemp.

Cultivation of hemp is also legalized in some countries, and it is treated in the same way as cotton and other plant fibers.




Why does Phatee recommends to use hemp for productions,

since it is a plant what is a major premise to absorb CO2,

First of all, it’s comfort.

The fiber-made yarn of the stem of the hemp has a fine tunnel open inside the fiber.

Because it absorbs body temperature and moisture.

If you sweat, it absorbs moisture and keeps a dry feeling, and your body   temperature will be useful for keeping warm.

And it’s also tough but soft texture.

With a solid feeling when I start wearing it

the difference comes in soft flexibility when you take it off.

As if the clothes are alive when I am wearing.

Fantastic & Mysterious!




However, there are some difficulties on each piece because we use fiber as let it be..

It is the fiber of the stem, the thread is thick or thin, and it is dyed in color or not dyed.

As a result, the fibers remain as they are and fluff will irritate the skin,

If you are not good at knap or roughness, keep it away from you.




Another point is that plants that satisfy all food, clothing, and housing.

The stem can be made into clothes, of course, the seed is superfood (seed, protein, oil),

The core and roots are reinforcing materials for building materials and resin products,

leaves and buds are medical goods (luxury goods depending on the country)

It is an all-in-one super plant that has no place to throw away.




 Hemp T-shirts made from plants that have a great backbone

It’s clothes that don’t seem to be the way you want and you’re alive,

If you can accept that,

the world of hemp welcomes you.

It’s easy to be eco-warriors!