UPDATE : 2019.7.30

 there are new category page :LABORATORY  at online do you know :LABORATORY? it’s the […]

tee and shorts

UPDATE : 2019.6.13

phatee’s most famous hemp/cotton tee “eterni tee” gets new 3 colors 20470551 eterni tee ¥4,8 […]

morocco inspired textile

UPDATE : 2019.6.10

coming moroccan textile items 10700191 eterni tee printed ¥5,800+tax 21:morocco beige 16:morocco grey model : […]

bottom styles

UPDATE : 2019.5.24

here is the phatee’s pants that must be told 12300191 krabi long   ¥13,000+tax 18:wagara black thick lin […]

wide soft shirts

UPDATE : 2019.5.16

wide-body style:wide soft shirts several material has been used 10100691 wide soft shirts hemp ¥9,800+tax phat […]

how to find Setta size

UPDATE : 2019.5.10

our setta ‘s sizes are M:23~25cm、L:25~27cm、XL:27cm~29cm if parson who is 27cm kicks size takes M:wow! to […]

Setta Japanese traditional sandle

UPDATE : 2019.5.02

hemp fabric upper chunky Setta in the house 15800191 setta flax spindle inside of Hanao ultra light EVA midsol […]

travel hat

UPDATE : 2019.4.25

new arrival :travel hat that you can fold and strage in the bag 14001391 travel hat 19:black hemp/cotton twill […]

fabre hat

UPDATE : 2019.4.23

phatee ‘s:fabre are released with renewal 14000291 fabre    79:navy  ¥6,800+tax massive hemp/cotton canv […]

new cap

UPDATE : 2019.4.18

here comes the new cap backing with changes sizes are not changed but using 1 body part fabric only, it makes […]

2019 phatee eye wear reading collection

UPDATE : 2019.4.11

phatee i wear reading collection あなたにピッタリなリーディンググラスが 見つかりますよ。 online shop: stand pc reading online shop: trevo […]

2019 phatee eye wear catarogue

UPDATE : 2019.4.06

2019 phatee i wear catarogue there are lots of colorful frames and lens some styles are tight size that fit fo […]

2019 spring movie

UPDATE : 2019.4.02

2019 spring movie part 1 featuring flower line L/S tee kaikoh shirts bc westend state parka camp collar shirts […]

hand border bottle

UPDATE : 2019.3.22

original graphic printed 500ml plastic bottle no glass bottle inside the festival venue. then, replace your fa […]

itzhak pc reading glasses

UPDATE : 2019.3.12

light weight and compact size reading glasses: Itzhak 85402661 itzhak pc reading ¥4500+tax +1.0~+3.0   ta […]

half cap

UPDATE : 2019.3.11

very best authentic of phatee:half cap almost keeping over 15 years. 14100151 half cap  same style, many kinds […]

laboratory opens

UPDATE : 2019.3.08

now you can get phatee’ samples that are made in phatee laboratory. visit new site in labo […]

eye protection

UPDATE : 2019.3.06

here comes the pollen season! kafun chan always beats us , but we protect eyes by big-flame sun glasses. 85400 […]

paypay and ALIPAY

UPDATE : 2019.2.28

our retail shop phateelab offline shop accepts app payment: PayPay, ALIPAY ! use it for cashless life. still b […]

shirts for spring

UPDATE : 2019.2.26

the spring shirt at the door 11100184 kaikoh shirts BC  ¥12,000+tax band-collar shirt in the mood of open-port […]