westend sweat items

UPDATE : 2020.10.10

the best material of keeping warm that phatee provides “westend fleece” we have made great relax w […]

hemp cotton mask

UPDATE : 2020.9.11

made in phatee labo released hemp/cotton mask . 2 layer hemp cotton fabric for dust washable type face side: h […]

archive on youtube

UPDATE : 2020.8.13

live streaming talk show : the_phatman_voice you can watch whenever you want on you tube if you cannot catch l […]

fes of glasses

UPDATE : 2020.7.23

from 24th of July our online special present for customer of glasses take it on your neck p […]


UPDATE : 2020.7.16

laboratory page on all samples for kids are only 1 don’t miss it! . mojito t shirts non-al […]

restreaming…..the phatman voice

UPDATE : 2020.7.04

from 4th of July  21:00~ the_phatman_voice  talk live streaming on twitch the originater of phatee talks desig […]

google sunglasses

UPDATE : 2020.6.11

for hot hot summer time providing large scale sunglasses like google . 85405801 FLY   ¥4,200+tax . wide flame […]


UPDATE : 2020.5.24

tsutaya shonan T-site starts summer festival “summer fun 2020” phatee eye wear joins pop-up booth […]

2020 sunglasses vol.2

UPDATE : 2020.5.13

2020 phatee i wear futures polarized lens on some styles no diffused reflection keep your view clear on sporti […]

2020 new sunglasses vol.1

UPDATE : 2020.4.22

we release 2020 sunglasses it’s new frame ! . name from aka bronx N.Y.C classical wellington with pale c […]

put your hair in the head gear

UPDATE : 2020.4.16

phatee hat & cap are made as larger scale from standard possibly store your hair in keep pollen and virus […]

2020 spring item ska polo shirts

UPDATE : 2020.3.16

in 2020 spring items long sleeve polo shirts 11400301 ska phatee’ original hemp/cotton jersey light weig […]

2020 spring items

UPDATE : 2020.3.01

just started to release 2020 spring items little bit of sporty style 11400101 after hours crew neck long sleev […]

sunshine color

UPDATE : 2020.2.20

most wanted the spring sunshine ! wish wearing sunshine color phatee has lots of it 11800193 nasta zip jacket […]


UPDATE : 2020.2.17

EMP2020 movement everbody have been linked? let us get the goal within this year! web: hemp2020

hemp cap and hat

UPDATE : 2020.2.14

phatee’s basic fabric hemp/cotton canvas heavy weight wardrobe best styles 14100193 daddy cap authentic […]

check the laboratory

UPDATE : 2020.2.11

our has sample sale category:laboratory there are tons of prototype and samples on sa […]


UPDATE : 2020.2.04

on the calendar it’s spring season think to move my body get hemp/cotton sweat items “westend&#822 […]

sample sale every day

UPDATE : 2020.1.22

our online always open the shopping page of samples check    laboratory  page quickly new i […]

Earth garden shin nen kai

UPDATE : 2020.1.15

we open the shopping booth at Earth garden shin nen kai from 18 of Jan to 19 of Jan it’s sample sale out […]